Smart Rental Property Management knows the value of top-quality tenants.

We’re experienced property managers, and we know what it takes to attract and retain the perfect tenant for your Auckland rental property.

Attractive, well-maintained properties will attract quality tenants, and our professional property management will help to retain them. Good communication and a responsive, caring attitude make for happy tenants and happy tenants stay longer, minimising vacancy rates and maintaining cash flow.

Here’s a few strategies for attracting - and keeping - the ideal tenant for your rental property.

  1. First impressions count, so use high-quality photography and well-written advertising material to clearly describe the property and the type of tenant you’re looking for.

  2. Fresh paint, clean carpet, well-appointed kitchens, and spotless bathrooms are the basics, but to attract premium tenants your rental property should also offer modern fixtures and appliances, auto garage openers and a good cable connection for internet and wi-fi.

  3. Good indoor/outdoor flow is important. Create a tidy, well-maintained outdoor area where your tenants can spend time relaxing, playing, and socialising, and ensure your property has good indoor and outdoor lighting.

  4. Make sure your property is safe, secure and meets the Healthy Homes Standards. While working smoke alarms and secure locks on doors and windows are essential, a good security system is a wise investment.

  5. Work with a professional property management company like Smart Rental Property Management. We know what it takes to make owning and renting an investment property a stress-free, rewarding experience.

If you’d like to know the earning potential of your investment property, call Smart Rental Property Management today for your obligation-free rental appraisal.


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