Communication is always the first priority for Smart Rental Property Management.

Talking something over minimises risks, keeps everyone aware of what’s happening and establishes good long-term service and business relationships.

Providing a full management service rather than casual letting means Smart Rental Property Management takes care of every detail – from marketing the property to developing a positive tenancy relationship that ensures rent is paid on time.

Maintenance work is completely promptly to prevent further damage and make sure tenants continue to live in a home they are proud of.

Keeping the number of properties in the business’s portfolio at a manageable level enables Smart Rental Property Management to give every residential rental a high level of service.

We’ll take care of:

  • Advertising the property

  • House viewings

  • Collecting application forms

  • Checking references

  • Checking credit reports

  • Regular feedback to property owners

  • Selecting the best tenant

  • Liaising with property owner about tenant selection, when required

  • Advise property owner of new tenancy

  • Collect a four-week bond

  • First property inspection after six weeks

  • Three-monthly inspections with an iPad, which includes written reports and photos

  • Property maintenance in emergencies and non-urgent situations

  • Take instructions from owner on a spend limit

  • Contact owners for higher expenses

  • Monitor pricing by trades and workmanship

  • Rent arrears action plan

  • Manage water rates

  • Regular rent reviews

  • Give tenants notice if landlord wants to sell property


Rent arrears are seldom a problem because Smart Rental Property Management works hard to find the right tenants.

“We’re efficient, organised and care about what we’re doing. We get it right from the start.” - Judy Raill