Secrets Of Our Success

Communication is always the first priority for Smart Rental Property Management.

Talking something over minimises risks, keeps everyone aware of what’s happening and establishes good long-term service and business relationships.

Providing a full management service rather than casual letting means Smart Rental Property Management takes care of every detail – from marketing the property to developing a positive tenancy relationship that ensures rent is paid on time.

Maintenance work is completely promptly to prevent further damage and make sure tenants continue to live in a home they are proud of.

Keeping the number of properties in the business’s portfolio at a manageable level enables Smart Rental Property Management to give every residential rental a high level of service.

We’ll take care of:

  • Advertising the property

  • House viewings

  • Collecting application forms

  • Checking references

  • Checking credit reports

  • Regular feedback to property owners

  • Selecting the best tenant

  • Liaising with property owner about tenant selection, when required

  • Advise property owner of new tenancy

  • Collect a four-week bond

  • First property inspection after six weeks

  • Three-monthly inspections with an iPad, which includes written reports and photos

  • Property maintenance in emergencies and non-urgent situations

  • Take instructions from owner on a spend limit

  • Contact owners for higher expenses

  • Monitor pricing by trades and workmanship

  • Rent arrears action plan

  • Manage water rates

  • Regular rent reviews

  • Give tenants notice if landlord wants to sell property


 Rent arrears are seldom a problem because Smart Rental Property Management works hard to find the right tenants.

“We’re efficient, organised and care about what we’re doing. We get it right from the start.” - Judy Raill

 Join Our Success

Entrust Smart Rental Property Management with your investment, we’ll discuss exactly what you can expect from the team.

We want you to have a clear picture of how we look after your investment.

Whether you manage your property yourself or have an agreement with another property management company – we can look after all of the administrative work, with no cost to you.

We’ll contact tenants and keep them informed of the change, with minimal disruption.

You’ll know what’s happening, when it’s happening and we’ll make your property investment work for you.

Call us now for professional, friendly advice and stress-free property management.


We know the neighbourhood and will let you know exactly how your property compares with others in the area.

Smart Rental Property Management provides rental property statistical data from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, housing department.

We list properties on Trade Me, the most popular spot tenants use to find rental properties.

Properties are also listed on the Smart Rental Property Management website.

Specialist software lets prospective tenants easily book a viewing on line – more efficient and reduces vacancy period. Check it out here

Contact us now to find out what your property should be returning and ensure quality new tenants are found quickly.


We understand every property is an investment and when the time is right to sell – we support the property owner.

Smart Rental Property Management advises tenants of the plan to sell and gives them notice when required.

“We can even recommend a good real estate agent, if needed.”